Michael Perez

Michael Perez is a Ph.D student in the Social-Personality Psychology Program at Texas A&M University and a Graduate Research Assistant in the Culture in Mind Research Collaboratory. His research utilizes cultural psychology and critical race theory frameworks to study systemic racism and racial conflict. Specifically, he is interested in the sociocultural factors of racial inequality that influence relationships between racial groups and how these dynamics foster ongoing racial conflict. His current research centers on peace-oriented behaviors, such as intergroup forgiveness and intergroup apology generation and how these concepts may be applied to racial conflict in the United States. Specifically, he focuses on factors that inhibit these peaceful behaviors and ways to mitigate negative intergroup barriers that interfere with these processes. Through this research he hopes to contribute to our understanding of systemic racial conflict in order to inform eventual intervention strategies for reconciliatory communication in which to promote equality and harmonious relations.

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