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Identity, Challenge and Dismantle: A Few Sociocultural Strategies for Teaching About Racism


Teaching & Pedagogy
  • Kurtis, T., Salter, P.S., & Adams, G. (2015). A Sociocultural Approach to Teaching about Racism. Race and Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning for Justice, 1, Iss. 1, Art.1 (5-year Impact Factor: n/a).  Available at: Available Here 


  • Multhaup, K. S., Davoli, C. C., Wilson, S. F., Geghman, K. D., Giles, K. G., Martin, J. M. P., & Salter, P. S. (2010). Three models for undergraduate-faculty research:  Reflections by a professor and her former students.  CUR Quarterly, 31, 21-26.

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