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Black Psychology

Critical examination of psychological experience, theories, and methods from perspectives grounded in the "Black experience." Students develop an approach to psychology that integrates Black epistemologies ("ways of knowing").

Cultural Psychology (Psychology of Culture and Diversity)

Introduction to various issues surrounding an increasingly interconnected and globalized world by critically examining the dynamic relationship between psychological processes (e.g., motivation, memory, self, prejudice) and diverse socio-cultural contexts.

Intergroup Relations

This seminar explores the development, maintenance, and reduction of conflict between social groups at individual and collective levels of analysis. In addition, social change strategies, as well as the effect of various social policies designed to bring about social change, are examined.

Self and Identity in the African Diaspora

This seminar explores psychological perspectives on the inherently social, dynamic, multifaceted, and constructed nature of self and identity among African-descent peoples living in the diaspora. Topics include: the lifelong development of a racialized self concept, how collective narratives of blackness are formed and internalized over time, and how living in multicultural contexts can promote identity safety and/or threat.

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Minority Experience

Overview of classic and modern research approaches in examination of stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and minority experiences from a social psychological perspective.

Methods of Inquiry in Africana Studies

Interdisciplinary research approaches in the study of African descended peoples. This course engages both method (i.e., the techniques, steps or processes that researchers employ in gathering information/data for answering their research question) and methodology (i.e., the underlying network of philosophies, beliefs, and values that shape and inform how the researcher conceptualizes the problem and approach) from an Africana lens.


Identity, Challenge and Dismantle: A Few Sociocultural Strategies for Teaching About Racism


Teaching & Pedagogy
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Research Opportunities for Credit

Undergraduates can join Culture in Mind Research Collaborator and gain research experience which may include collecting data, literature searches and independent research projects.

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